Frontline Group is the leading professional contact solutions center which showcases and supports your every need through Frontline Services, Frontline Call Center, and Ternio.

Frontline Group understands the importance of the customer partnership and can deliver solutions to address the customer’s needs to fit the mold and scope of any project. We anticipate trends and deliver new, innovative ways to grow the client’s customer satisfaction and retention rates through timely, insightful, and proven solutions that deliver strong ROI’s for our customers.

Frontline Services understands the full range of the contact center industry. With over 650 customized implementations, we have the experience to deliver proven processes that make us the leader as a Certified Implementation Partner. As companies continue to grow and require change, our Professional Services make this an easy and cost effective task.

Frontline Services is also a reseller of the Nice inContact platform. We provide high touch care to our clients from implementation to support.

Ternio is a software company building products to enhance how people connect. The TernioSwitch is the Mobile Agent Console App. This mobile app ties call center agents and employees working in the field to their company’s call center platform. No longer does answering a company call need to be restricted to an office building.

Our other product is TernioConnect - our Work When And Where You Want application. TernioConnect is a website plug-in that allows consultants, service professionals and freelancers to work on their own schedule simply by plugging TernioConnect into their website. Their customers pay and connect with them directly from their website at the click of a button - the real-time, on-demand solution.